Crypt Cruiser EP

by The Ukiah Drag

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THE UKIAH DRAG'S newest slab is more like a taped-up scrapyard majesty than a slick-prick
showboat -- it's discernible that each song was recorded separately, each with its unique
protuberances. There are positively no illusions of uniform taste. Leave that tedium for the flavorless
cunts who like their psychedelia starched and sterilized.
"An Open Room in Hell" is an invitation for listeners to ice their mortal coil and take the elevator
downstairs; naturally it's a fast one and it volleys harder than most Drag songs to date. On "Criminal
Authority," an amphetamine-deranged insult to surf rock, Brian “The Sultan” Hennesy’s lead guitar
cuts you down like a dashboard to the face at 100 MPH. (The crowds love to boogie to this one live.)
Perhaps the corona of the Crypt Cruiser EP is the Drag’s take on the Stooges classic “Dirt” -- edited
down from a two hour long jam featuring the immortal Nick Klein (curator of Brooklyn’s dark dance
imprint Primitive Languages) and fraught with acetone keyboards, antifreeze delays, and sheet metal
visions of car crashes with blood and earth and silky fluids running down the reservoir.
This is primitive but well-arranged rocknroll with enormous energy, no pretense or foolery.


released September 4, 2015



all rights reserved


The Ukiah Drag Providence, Rhode Island

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